Evidence & Found Property

The Russell Police Department Evidence and Property Room stores all items collected by the Russell Police Department.

Individuals with property being stored by the department as evidence, should contact the seizing officer regarding the return of the property. To expedite the return process, please have the seizing officer's name or department case number available during your inquiry. This information is available on the property receipt provided to you at the time the property was seized.

Prior to making an inquiry regarding the return of property seized as evidence or property kept for safekeeping please keep in mind:
  • Property will only be returned by appointment and only by the seizing officer
  • If the property was seized as evidence, a release must be obtained from the Russell County Attorney's Office.
  • If the property was seized as the result of a search warrant, a court order must be obtained authorizing the release of specific items.
  • Found Property/Evidence Auctions are held annually. Call the Police Department or check this web page for dates and times. There are currently no auctions scheduled.
Please feel free to contact the Evidence Officer Tim Borders, if you have any questions.