Check Alert Program

The City of Russell Police Department has been sponsoring a "Check Alert System" for over 15 years. This system is a quick way to alert local businesses of suspicious and criminal activity involving personal or business, counterfeit currency and some credit card fraud. The main purpose of the alert is to notify the businesses of stolen or mislaid checkbooks, forgeries and stolen or lost credit cards within the community. It can also be used for suspicious activity such as quick-change artists.

The "Check Alert System" was previously organized in a "calling tree" format with 56 local businesses participating. On March 1, 2010, the system began using an automated mass notification calling system to alert participating businesses. The new format no longer requires the information be relayed from business to business. Participating businesses will now receive an automated message from the police department notifying them of the suspicious activity or other pertinent information. Businesses now have the opportunity to receive the information by telephone, email, text message or any combination thereof.

There is no charge for businesses to participate in this program. For more information about the Check Alert System or to sign-up as a participating member contact the Russell Police Department at 785-483-2121