The Electric Utility Activity consists of two major functions: Electric Production and Electric Distribution. The Production Division's primary responsibility is to produce electric energy as required by the utility system. The division's secondary responsibility is the maintenance of the production equipment.

The primary purpose of the Distribution Division is to maintain existing lines and equipment in good operating condition. Maintenance programs have been established, which include the cleaning of street light fixtures, traffic controls and lights, oil switched and pole line hardware. Detailed records are maintained on each distribution circuit to determine what procedures and planning will be necessary in estimating load growth on the system.
Wheat field with electric plant behind
Inside of electric plant
Large electric generator
  1. Distribution

    The Electric Distribution Division is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the electric system.

  2. Production

    The City of Russell Power Plant supplies energy to the City of Russell and approximately 50 square miles of rural area. The plant consists of 3 dual-fuel internal combustion engines at the plant and 2 EMD internal combustion engines located one block from the plant.

  3. Safety

    Please take no chances with electrical power.

  4. Integrated Resource Plan