911 Communications

911 Communications in Russell County is a county-wide consolidated dispatch center. All calls for service anywhere in Russell County are directly dispatched from the 911 center. Dispatching is provided to:

  • Russell Police Department
  • Russell County Sheriff’s Department
  • Seven Rural Fire Departments
  • Russell City Fire Department
  • Russell County EMS Services
  • Animal Control
  • Wildlife & Parks Department
  • Lake Wilson Corps of Engineers
911 Emergency
The 911 Center is a fully enhanced Phase 2 compliant dispatch center complete with wire line and wireless 911 call tracing, computer aided dispatch, and digital aerial mapping. The equipment housed at the 911 center allows the dispatchers to handle calls quickly and effectively and provides them with the tools necessary to take care of whatever situation confronts them.  The 911 center serves a population of approximately 7,500 citizens.

Russell County 911 offers Next Generation (NG) 911 which provides citizens with the ability to send and receive 911 text messages for situations that require discreetness, the hearing impaired, and in instances where language barriers may exist. 

The 911 center employs eight full-time dispatchers and one director. Funding for the 911 center is a joint effort between the City and County. Equipment for the center is paid through monthly taxes collected on both wire line and wireless telephones, as well as through several grant funds.