Code Services

Code Services is an important part of the City of Russell. This department is in charge of making sure that Russell stays looking like a nice and well kept community. A few things that Code Services look for to keep Russell beautiful are that yards are mowed, lawns are edged and not overgrown on the curb etc., weeds are not overgrown, nuisance vehicles are not on properties, trash and debris are picked up, tree limbs are picked up and disposed of and that houses do not have unsafe conditions present. There are just a few things that are looked at. If you have any of these in the neighborhood you live in, please give us a call and we would be happy to come by and check out make sure that city codes are being followed as set by City Council. 

Tips for keeping the City of Russell Beautiful

  • Lawns and weeds need to be kept under 8 inches. 
  • Remember to trim edges and to mow to the center of your alley that extends from your property. 
  • Untrimmed weeds that dry up and wood stacked next to houses, garages, and sheds are fire hazards.  
  • Make sure that firewood is stacked at least 8 ft. from any structure and that grass and weeds are trimmed regularly around and under any unmovable item in the yard.  
  • When doing yard work, remember to remove any yard waste as soon as possible. This will  prevent safety and fire hazards, as well as complaints. Wildlife is also encouraged to move in when these are present.
  • The following items cannot be kept outside of your home:  Indoor furniture, appliances (including refrigerators and freezers), automotive parts and tires, scrap metal or demolition debris, and discarded items.  
  • Remember that useful items that are not stored properly turn into junk lying in the yard when forgotten and not used in a timely fashion.
  • Any vehicle that is inoperable or unregistered and stored outside, visible from the street or another property, is considered a nuisance vehicle. Please store such vehicles appropriately, or find a new home for them.  Remember the difference between a vehicle being worked on and one being stored is a matter of time and progress.
  • Regular maintenance to homes, outbuildings, and fences will not only keep the neighborhood happy and looking good, but will also save time and cost of larger repairs or replacement in the future.  
  • Property maintenance issues can be enforced by the City of Russell if neglected by the property owner.

Our Code Services Personnel works with the public to support the beautification and growth of the community, if you have a property you would like Code Services to check out, please complete the Code Services Complaint form.

  1. Kim Grizzle

    Code Enforcement Officer