ATV Registration & Rules

City Ordinance 1795 makes it legal to operate an All-Terrain Vehicle, also known as an ATV, on the streets of Russell from sunrise to sunset provided the ATV is registered with the City of Russell. Owners wishing to register their All-Terrain Vehicle, may do so at the Police Department, 339 E. 8th Street.

Owners will need to bring the vehicle title, proof of current insurance and valid driver's license at the time of registration. Once at the Police Department a registration form will need to be completed. The information provided on the registration form will be verified by a police officer. A photograph of the ATV will be taken – this will help in recovery of a stolen ATV. Once the information on the registration form is verified and the registration fee is paid, an ATV license plate will be issued. The ATV license plate has no expiration date. NOTE: A new ATV license plate must be acquired any time an ownership change occurs.

ATV's cannot be driven on any state or federal highway, except to cross – which must be done at a 90-degree angle. US Highway 281, North and South Fossil, to and from both city limits is the streeet that ATV's, WUV's & MUT's cannot be operated on within the City of Russell. Eye protection is required for all drivers. Helmets are required for drivers under eighteen years of age

A valid driver's license is required to operate an ATV on the streets of Russell. It should be noted that an alley is classified as a street. Parents who let their children operate an ATV on private lots should make sure the ATV is not driven down any alley in Russell, if the child does not have a valid drivers license. Parents should also ensure permission is received from the property owner(s) before the ATV is ridden on private property. ATV's can NOT be operated on city street or private property from sunset to sunrise.