Meet Your Community Firefighters

The Russell City Fire Department Firefighters take great pride in providing a professional service to the community. If you are interested in joining the Russell City Fire Department, contact Chief Dylan Riedel and apply today!

601 Fire Chief Dylan Riedel

Photo of Dylan Riedel

602 Assistant Fire Chief Rick Webb

Photo of Rick Webb

603 Captain Jeff Florian

Photo of Jeff Florian

604 Captain Mike Schneider

Photo of Mike Schneider

605 Lieutenant Jacob Boxberger

Photo of Jacob Boxberger

606 Lieutenant Keegan Dick

Photo of Keegan Dick

607 Amber Whitmer

Photo of Amber Whitmer

608 Darlene Stierlen

Photo of Darlene Stierlen

609 Jesse Schreiner

Photo of Jesse Schreiner

610 Tyler Reynolds

Photo of Tyler Reynolds

611 Elizabeth Sehl

Photo of Elizabeth Sehl

612 Brandon Dinkel

Photo of  Brandon Dinkel

613 Dennis Johnson

Photo of Dennis Johnson

615 Tanner Krug

Photo of Tanner Krug

616 Tim Lewis

Photo of Tim Lewis

618 Tyson Revell

Photo of Tyson Revell

619 Steven Swords

Photo of Steven Swords

620 Sam Krug

Photo of Sam Krug

625 Jordan Harrison

Photo of Jordan Harrison