Welcome to Russell!

As a rural city, it is our vision to serve as the County’s regional center.

We will continue to be a community that is dedicated to family, friends and neighbors,

where generations care for each other.

We are One Russell, building a self-reliant future.

This is home.

On behalf of the City of Russell, we welcome you to your new home! We take pride in our community, and are happy to have you be a part of it!

The City of Russell offers the following Utility Services: Water, Electric, Sewer, and Sanitation. If you are needing to start residential service, please fill out a New Residential Utility Application. If interested in setting up utilities for a Commercial Property, please contact the City Clerk’s office. 

  • Please bring photo identification and proof of Social Security Number (must be a legal document such as Social Security Card, W-2, or pay stub that includes all digits)
  • If starting services at a rental property, please provide a copy of your lease. A signed acknowledgement of receipt (page 17) of the booklet "A Guide for Renters, Landlords, and Homeowners" must also be provided prior to utility services being connected. 
  • A deposit of $140.00 is required, unless a letter of credit is provided. This deposit may be broken into 2 payments, with an initial down payment of $70.00 with the remaining balance added to the first utility bill. 
  • To find out more information about billing due dates, rates, and disconnect procedure, please call or visit the City of Russell City Clerk’s Office or call (785)483-6311. 

The City of Russell requires, by Resolution 02-09, that all new customers purchase a polycart for sanitation services. The cost of a polycart is $90.00. Find a polycart sign-up form here! 

The City of Russell follows a Sanitation Route Schedule. We provide weekly pick-up, with the day of pick-up determined by your address. Please find your pick-up day by finding your address on this map.  

To set up gas services for your new home, please contact Kansas Gas Service

A Russell Sunrise
  1. Ashley Mai

    Ashley Mai

    City Clerk